About Artisé_byV

Varehya Pratt a college graduate from Colorado State University, is a self taught visual artist (based in Fort Collins, Co) who until four years ago had no experience in painting at all. After being encouraged to join an AP Art class in high school, Varehya's God given talent had finally been awoken.


Over the years growth, resilience and prosperity continues to be the divine communicator of her work. Her art encompasses a brand that hopes to inspire to empower other artiseé to pursue their own individuality. Artisé_byV is at its infancy, but the goal is to prevail beyond aspirations and showcase my art to the world.



Starting anything new is always intimidating at first, but I highly encourage anyone reading to pursue that goal. Artisé_byV was a concept generated in 2015 after I started competing in art competitions and actually wining!!


Throughout the years, I've received an honorable mention from a National Art & Writing competition called Scholastics and won many scholarships for my art following that endeavor. Life is challenging, but steady manifestation anything can be exceeded! 


Follow your passion!


My trip to the motherland

This past winter I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Kenya, East Africa. Majority of my work is derived and inspired by this beautiful heritage. This trip was immensely impactful on my life and has changed my perspective on the true meaning of happiness. My work is shaped off community, life and compassion for what life has to offer. 

Creativity NEVER fails... 


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