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Hello, welcome to our art journey!!!!


Varehya Pratt is a self-taught creative connoisseur based in Denver Colorado who specializes in incorporating color into multiple variations of art. Her brand Artisé_byV encompasses growth, resiliency and prosperity which is the divine communicator of her work. She takes pride in the versatility seen throughout each embodiment of her creations while emphasizing on dabbling into a wide spectrum of diverse studies.


Varehya received her B.S from Colorado State University and incorporates her background along with past collaborations associated with Product Development into her brand.


           Our goal is to establish an empire that is devoted towards "Inspiring to Empower" other Artiséé to pursue their own Individuality. Artisé_byV is at its infancy, but with your support we will prevail towards our higher calling of sharing our color with the world one piece at a time. 

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