My Collab with Zephyr


Zukente Brand: 

Varehya Pratt collaborates with Loveland based company, Zephyr Graf-X to produce a hat collection for bookstores throughout the nation. Her brand Zukente, emphasizes the importance of "Inspiring to Empower your own Individuality" while highlighting her specialty in graphical textiles. Designs inspired by  prestigious  patterns originated in Africa. 


Secondary schools in Kenya are prohibitively expensive, leaving many children deprived of their education by eighth grade.  A portion of Zukente hat proceeds are donated back to a profound charity located in Kenya called The Samburu Youth Education Fund. Their mission is to provide equitable opportunities for Samburu youth who are facing these externalities, but most importantly a chance at an education. 

Greater Mission: 

 Freshmen collaborates with Colorado State University (2015).

My Visit to Kenya! 

In Winter 2019 I had the opportunity of a life time through my undergrad to visit Kenya, Africa to check out the Samburu Youth Education Fund, and fortunately left with so much more. The culture has been immensely impactful on my life and has changed my perspective on the true meaning of happiness. As I sit here and reflect upon my experience, I realize what happiness truly is. Community, life, and compassion. The culture has taught me so many things in a short period of time and most importantly what not to take for granted. The biggest lesson I will always cherish is, “As long as my family and I are healthy, I’m happy”, Hakuna Matata... Thank you Samburu for changing my life for the better. I know it’s not a goodbye but a JUMBO/SOPA for next time!!

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